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Aiming trouble

Aug 7, 19:09

I replaced my old CDMA commection with WiFi some time ago. While pretty much everything improved, WiFi is a bit troubling: distance from AP and building as well as some growth in path make it fairly unreliable (as in, when it rains or when cat climbs tree, signal gets interrupted.)

Anyway, precise aiming of directional antena is lot of fun if your field of vision is obsured. You need to check signal strength and move a bit, wait, recheck strength, move aiditional degree.

But hey, it can be fun coding excercise and let computer give you neat beedback.

First, WiFi router propably has http interface, what about reading and parsing it for signal strength? Check.

Next, how to report connection strength to user? What about tone, lets use midi and control pitch of note with signal strength!

Here we go:

Now you have auditory feedback you need to aim and if you are really good, you can swing antena to play something. Possibly.





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