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Milestones are fun, part 6

Sep 5, 22:01

Finally got around and finished next milestone: NPCs now belong to factions with simple friend/foe relationships and will even attempt to fight amongst themselves. One player-friendly NPC now patiently waits in Gateway Hall for player questions. Attributes got a bit more fleshed out.

As bonus, nifty targeting feature was added, it was never as easy to use lightning bolts as now! I consider that huge improvement, and wonder why this is missing in so many roguelikes.

And of course, i stood away from Model-View/Controler mess. Noone who saw code will blame me! Well, he will, but … i will get it done eventually.

Allright, we still have more basics to cover if FoH is to be called roguelike:

  • Terrain is now partially randomly generated (tree positions.). That is not enough. Framework for whole randomly generated areas should exist. For starters, basic roguelike dungeon generation.
  • Items are still hardcoded and a bit boring. Lets random loot!
  • Monsters also lack variety and are hardcoded. Lets fix that.




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