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Milestones are fun, part 5

Aug 18, 23:56

Abilities are not linked to skills and Abilities also have costs, also, Lightning bolt Ability is first ranged ability. Added portaling and world now consists of four zones.

As bonus, game now switched to realtime and we now have Action Point based realtime turn based system (Alike Fallout tactics or Arcanum hybrids). So, bases for switching from single player to multi player are set.

Next up:

  • Attributes are useless, add some use.
  • Only possible NPCs are hostiles. Lets add “faction” construct to be able to tract mob to mob and mob to player relationship.
  • From this stems: Friendly NPC with simple dialogue.
  • Separate gui client and game server, still with “dry connection” in between them, but remote gameplay would be well possible.




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