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Dwarf Fortress moding

May 7, 22:11

So, I have been playing Dwarf Fortress. It is amazing game, and it has quite extensive ability to be modded.

One of issues with modding is, however, lack of tools. “raw” format used in game is easily editable by any bare bones editor, but it is seriously lacking documentation or even editor that “understands” it.

Sine I am quite spoiled by eclipse java tooling, editing raws is pain. Here comes idea: make “raw tooling“.

Unsurprosingly, there is project that helps with this task: Xtext. All you need to do is to write formal definition of language and apropriate tooling is then generated. It works amazingly well, and with some customization it is perfect.

1+1: Editor for raw files written with help of xtext. So far, it is not done yet, but work is in progress.





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