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Milestones are fun, part 7.5

Nov 5, 15:12

I just want to let my numerous audience know that I still work on this :)

Some features from milestone 7 are up (have be deployed for a month already):

  • Bless, Wither and Blizzard spells. Bles is static buff, Wither is DOT debuff and Blizzard is DOTAOE linked to location.

There is issues with stacking, but basics work just fine. DOT spells are way too weak since armor absorbs all damage and mobs usually have armor worth that grants total damage reduction of ~3-4, meaning that unless player get linked skills to ~L5 he will see no damage.

  • Respawns

Mobs now respawn. Crude, but it works.


What is not up is client-server rewrite: Basic framework is up (messaging system between client and server), and it can be completed fast, one afternoon or so.

So, here is milestone 7.5:

Client-server rewrite finishing up

Also, as bonus feature, I am going to toy a bit more with map generation: goal is to create solid outdoor area(s). Ideally, with algorithm similar for dungeons and generalizing dungeon algorithm a bit.





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