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Milestones are fun, part 7

Sep 13, 15:27

Basic dungeon generation is done and monsters along with items got offloaded to xml files. They are still not quite randomly generated, but it is much easier to add new and new entries.

New dungeons are showcased in two zones: Ice caverns and multilevel Crystal Caverns.

Next up: Buffs / Debuffs:

  • A “Bless” spell that gives minor bonuses and Curse spell that does opposite.
  • Blizzard spell that does DOT AOE.
  • Wither, spell that does minor damage over time.

Also, Multiplayer basics:

  • Mob respawns, since we are going multiplayer way, killed off mobs will need to respawn after some time
  • Model improvement – we need to split model on per-character basis.




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