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It lives!

Jun 28, 21:45

Oh my, I actually did something! See proof at foh demo site.

I got back to old proof-of-concept java applet, retrofitted it with Java 1.6 guts and added experience processing to the mix (‘X’).

Its turns out that typed collections and enums are exactly what was needed to be able to write ‘beautifull code’.

Hmm, now what. Guess it is time to set actual milestones. Dwarf Fortress was actuall inspiration for this, but being much less of megalomaniac, I choose to set up much smaller and fun milestones.

Okay, for now it should be simple:

* Player can now run around and attack completelly untreatening foes. That needs to change. Guards shall do more than swarm PC: they should attack in melee. * Since player will loose health, it is time to implement ‘U’ing for items. For starter, healing potions.

Talk about impressive goals!





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