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Grint, part 4: Resolution

Aug 24, 21:33

So, how to get rid of it if we find it undesirable?

Well, first of all its not making get away with it because as long as players can, for example, farm for gold or items to get more that non farming people it wqill exist, and RPG game without loot is usually wery bland unless otherareas are really great. Maybe wanting loot is just bad fixation that should be done away too, but it is there ans it not my peevee.

So, dont remove it, only make it pointless. Thats, remove all statistical bonuses from rewards of grind.

Its pointless as you don’t receive any bonuses, of course, but that does not remove it. For example rewards that are plausible are:

  • Good looking weapons or armors
  • Skills with over the top graphical effects which duplicate ordinary skill statistical effects.
  • Random dispalyable stuff like titles for monster count kills or for compleltition of some Grindy task

You should like it because it gives accomplishments but in no way hurts players not wanting to take part in it. It’s win/win situation.

That fixed endgame grind, which is worst problem, but we still have to get around progression grind. That is somehoe easier:

  • No kill X of something quests, unless X is one.
  • Quests with bring me Y of something should have Y equal to zero and have guaranteed drop when first enemy that drop it is killed.
  • All experience needed to level to maximum level should e possible to get throught varied quests. Even better, removel elves at all. It gets rid of most of bugged progression grind automatically.
  • Items should have rich bonuses – maximum equipment easily achieveable, but amount of bonuses varies and is balanced enough to make challenge of getting best items for your playstyle isntead of getting simple best item.




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